Lichen Planus

. Presentation:

. Purple, pruritic (itchy), polygonal, papular rash.

. Commonly affects flexor surfaces (wrists, ankles).

. Lacy white pattern (Wickham’s striae) on the surface of the lesions.

. Oral involvement with white lacy patches.

. Associated Conditions:

. Hepatitis C infection.

. Hepatitis B vaccination.

. Influenza vaccination.

Management of Lichen Planus:

i. Topical Steroids: The mainstay of treatment to reduce inflammation and itching.

ii. Benzydamine Mouthwash or Spray: Recommended for oral lichen planus to alleviate discomfort.

iii. Oral Steroids or Immunosuppression: Considered for extensive lichen planus when topical treatment is insufficient.

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