Acute Diverticulitis



1. Lower left abdominal pain
2. Fever
3. Changes in bowel habits (diarrhoea, constipation)
4. Bloating

Physical Examination:

1. Tenderness in the left lower quadrant
2. Guarding and rebound tenderness
3. Fever

Laboratory Findings:
i. Elevated white blood cell count
ii. Elevated C-reactive protein (CRP)


CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis: The preferred initial diagnostic test, it provides detailed images of the colon and can identify diverticula, inflammation, abscesses, and complications.


Mild Cases:

Oral antibiotics (e.g., ciprofloxacin and metronidazole)
Clear liquid diet transitioning to a low-fiber diet as symptoms improve

Severe Cases or Complications:
. Hospitalization
. IV antibiotics
. NPO (nothing by mouth) initially, then clear liquids and gradual reintroduction of solid foods
. Surgical consultation for complications such as abscess, perforation, or obstruction

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