Embarking on a Journey in General Practice

My name is Mohamad, and I am currently working as an SHO in the department of OBS/GYN. I am a recent medical graduate of 2022, and this is my first postgraduate job here in Ireland, I decided to embark on a career in General Practice driven by a commitment to holistic patient care, a passion for community connection, and the excitement of facing diverse medical challenges. In this field, I aim to build lasting relationships with patients, addressing their immediate needs while contributing to both individual and community health.

Discovering My Calling in Ireland's GP Training

In pursuit of my passion for patient care and holistic healthcare, I found my calling in General Practice, especially here in Ireland due to its robust training scheme. The structured pathway, comprehensive focus on primary care, integration of community health, and emphasis on continuous professional development in Ireland’s GP training program align perfectly with my career aspirations. The diverse challenges and the opportunity to make a lasting impact on patients’ lives drew me towards this fulfilling field. I believe the ICGP’s strong training scheme will provide me with the skills and knowledge needed for a successful and rewarding career in General Practice.

The Role of GPQuestPro in My Preparation

GPQuestPro played a pivotal role in my exam preparation journey. The extensive Question Bank and Mock Exams provided a realistic simulation of the SJT and CPST, enabling me to familiarize myself with the exam format and question types. When I received the email about the course for interview preparation, I, without hesitation, subscribed knowing this will benefit me and help me secure my position in the GP training scheme. Currently going through the interview preparation course, I see it being particularly invaluable, enhancing my confidence and readiness for the upcoming interviews.

What Makes GPQuestPro Stand Out

The specific aspects of the GPQuestPro resources that stood out included the clear and concise explanations and covering all the necessary topics one can come across in the exams. These features not only strengthened my theoretical knowledge but also honed my decision-making skills and critical thinking, crucial for success in GP entrance exams.

Looking Forward to a Future with GPQuestPro

I am looking forward to continuing with GPQuestPro for future material that will support my journey in the training scheme and ICGP exams. My sincere and heartfelt gratitude to the GPQuestPro Team for their unwavering commitment and hard work in providing this outstanding service, which has been instrumental in paving the way for my success in this rewarding field.

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