Paediatrics Q15

Child Epilepsy & Febrile Seizures


Feature/Criteria Child Epilepsy Febrile Seizures
Age Range Varies widely; can occur at any age 6 months – 6 years (peak at 14-18 months)
Trigger Multiple triggers (e.g., stress, sleep deprivation) Fever >39°C
Family History Possible, but not strongly linked 10% risk if a first-degree relative has had febrile seizures
Type of Seizure Can be generalized or focal Usually generalized tonic-clonic
Duration Varies Simple: <15 minutes; Complex: Prolonged or recurrent
Associated Symptoms May or may not be associated with fever Always associated with fever
Rule Out Meningitis Not typically required Must rule out, especially if meningitis is highly suspected
Initial Investigation EEG, MRI, etc. Blood and urine tests
Additional Tests May include lumbar puncture Lumbar puncture only if meningitis is highly suspicious
Treatment Antiepileptic drugs Antipyretics like Paracetamol; benzodiazepines for seizures lasting >5 minutes

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