Pinna Injury and Hematoma Management


Injury to Pinna:

. With an intact tympanic membrane: Typically self-limiting, no further investigation needed.

. If painful: Analgesics should be provided to manage pain.


Hematoma of the Pinna:

i. Refer to ENT: Prompt drainage by a specialist is necessary to prevent complications.

ii. Analgesics: To manage pain associated with the injury.


Management Steps:

i. Examination: Assess the extent of the injury, including the integrity of the tympanic membrane.

ii. Pain Management: Provide analgesics to relieve pain.

iii. Referral: Refer to ENT for hematoma drainage to prevent complications such as cauliflower ear.

iv. Follow-Up: Ensure appropriate follow-up care to monitor healing and address any complications.

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