Course Features

Comprehensive Interview Preparation

Gain in-depth knowledge and skills to excel in the Irish GP Training Interviews 2024 with our extensive preparatory materials.

Flexible Learning Experience

Access the course materials anytime, anywhere, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience.

Focus on Essential Medical Topics

Our course covers crucial topics like Good Medical Practice, Consent, Confidentiality, Continuity of Care, Professionalism, Medical Ethics, and Communication Skills.

Integration of IMC Ethical Guide

Unique incorporation of the IMC Ethical Guide into scenarios, ensuring your preparation aligns with current ethical standards in medicine.

Interactive Learning Modules

Engage with interactive scenarios that simulate real-life medical situations, enhancing your practical understanding and decision-making skills.

Detailed Overview of GP Training Programme

Understand the structure, expectations, and objectives of the GP Training Programme to better align your career aspirations.

Expert Guidance and Sample Answers

Learn from experienced professionals with detailed explanations for each scenario and sample answers, enhancing your understanding and response strategy.

Regular Updates and Support

Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in GP training and interview techniques through our social media channels and customer support.

Variety of Interview Scenarios

Access over 50 interview-style scenarios, each crafted to mirror actual challenges in medical practice, ensuring a well-rounded preparation.

Exploration of Competency Domains

Dive deep into the 11 Competency Domains and the 6 Core Competencies essential for a General Practitioner, equipping you with the knowledge to meet professional standards.

Audio Resources

Enhance your learning experience with audio samples of answers, providing a dynamic and engaging way to absorb information.

Purchase Course

Purchase Course

GP Interview Course

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90 Euro

  • Comprehensive Interview Preparation
  • Integration of IMC Ethical Guide
  • High-Yield Interview Scenarios
  • Audio Resources
  • Refund Via TSS Scheme
  • 4 Months Access

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