Dr. Filza Riaz's Journey of Top Decile

I’m a 2021 graduate currently working as a general medicine SHO for 12 months. Prior to this, I worked in Paediatrics as an SHO for 6 months.

Aspiration to Join General Practice

I thoroughly enjoy all aspects and fields of medicine and have always wanted to be a GP and experience the variety general practice has to offer.

The Joy of Patient Interaction

I love seeing and diagnosing new patients, treating and following up on them all while getting to know them and making a connection.

The Role of a GP in the Community

Being a GP means being an important and trusted member of the community, something which requires excellent training and support which I feel ICGP is managing brilliantly. I look forward to becoming a member of this amazing group of doctors.

Discovering GPQuestPro for GP Scheme Preparation

When I applied for the GP scheme this year, I heard about GPQuestPro and signed up for the SJT/CPST question bank. I found it extremely useful, and it gets you into the right mindset for the exam. Due to lack of time, I never did a mock exam but looking back if I had, it would have prepared me even better.

Success with GPQuestPro

GPQuestPro helped me achieve the top decile rank and get my first choice scheme by utilising its comprehensive interview course. 

The course thoroughly covered all aspects of medical ethics , the core competencies , various interview structures as well as giving an insight into current general practice topics that can be asked. 

They had relevant scenarios and sample answers which I found extremely useful. 

The one on one 30 minute session is also a brilliant resource it helps bring all the information together and was the final boost I needed before my interview. The feedback and advice given was excellent. 

I’ll definitely be recommending the interview course and one on one session to everyone applying in the future

Endorsement of GPQuestPro

The GPQuestPro website brings together all the information you need in one easy-to-use resource, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone applying for the scheme.

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