From Aspiration to Reality: Journey of Dr Naail Riaz

I am honoured to share my journey and insights for this incredible platform that has played a pivotal role in my career journey. My name is Naail and I am currently working in General Medicine, I am excited to offer a glimpse into my experience with GPQuestPro.

General Practice: A Passion-Driven Decision

Choosing a career in General Practice was a decision fuelled by passion and a desire to make a meaningful impact in healthcare. The versatility and the holistic approach to patient care that General Practice offers have always resonated with me, and I am thrilled to have found a community that shares my enthusiasm.

Transformative Exam Preparation with GPQuestPro

My journey with GPQuestPro has been nothing short of transformative, particularly in my preparation for the SJT and CPST exams. The provided question bank and mock exams became my go-to resources, guiding me through the intricacies of these crucial assessments. The well-crafted questions not only mirrored the exam format but also helped me develop a strategic approach to problem-solving, a skill essential for success in General Practice.

Building Skills with Interview Course

The utility of GPQuestPro content goes beyond the exams. The interview course proved instrumental in honing my communication skills and enhancing my overall confidence. The real-world scenarios presented during the course not only prepared me for the interview process but also enriched my understanding of the challenges and responsibilities associated with being a General Practitioner.

An Indispensable Ally in My GP Journey

Overall, GPQuestPro has been an indispensable ally in my journey towards becoming a General Practitioner. The platform not only equips aspiring GPs with the necessary knowledge but also instils the confidence and skills required to excel in the field.

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