Introducing Dr. Sidra Rashid: A Journey from Paediatrics to General Practice

Hi, my name is Dr Sidra Rashid. I have extensive work experience in Paediatrics mostly.

Seeking Balance and Community Engagement

I decided to change my career to general practice, firstly to have a better work-life balance and secondly to work in a community for a diverse population.

A Strategic Approach

After I applied for the GP training scheme, I had only 3 days left to prepare, so I booked GPQuestPro Pro Grand Mocks only.

GPQuestPro Precise and Relevant Mocks

To be honest, the content of mocks was very concise and relevant. The explanations given for SJT answers were so simplified and easy to understand. I got each concept so clear in my mind for both clinical and SJT scenarios. In just 3 days, I was so well prepared that in my exam, I felt it was a repetition of GPQuestPro mock.

Gaining Confidence from GP Interview Course

The same is with their GP interview course, I gained a great deal of knowledge and guidance, making me confident for a successful interview.

GPQuestPro is the Key to GP Training Success

In my opinion, based on my personal experience, for the preparation of the GP training exam and interview, one needs to join GPQuestPro pro courses only, and they can easily get through it with success as these are so beneficial.

Value for Money

Last but not the least, the fee is so reasonable that it is indeed worth preparing from GPQuestPro pro. Thanks

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