General Preparation Guide for an Online ICGP GP Training Interview.

Research and Knowledge:

Deep Dive into ICGP:

  • Website Exploration: Thoroughly peruse the ICGP website, paying special attention to the sections on GP training in Ireland.
  • ICGP News and Press Releases: Regularly visit the ‘News’ and ‘Press Releases’ sections to stay updated on the latest developments in General Practice.
  • ICGP Prospectus: Make it a point to read the ICGP prospectus to have a comprehensive understanding of what the program entails.

Additional Readings:

  • BeaGP Website: To gain a broader perspective on GP training, it’s beneficial to also explore the BeaGP website. This will provide additional insights into the field and might offer unique viewpoints.

Note: Although the interview is structured and specific questions about the aforementioned resources might not be directly asked, having this knowledge will boost your confidence for interview. Being prepared for any potential questions ensures you can answer confidently and comprehensively.

Professional Presentation:

Dress Code:

  • Even if only the upper half of your body will be visible, dress fully to feel professional.
  • Wear a professional outfit in neutral colours like black, navy blue, or grey.
  • For men: Pair it with a clean, pressed shirt, tie, and ensure facial grooming is neat.
  • For women: Pair with a blouse or shirt. Avoid flashy jewellery; keep it minimal and elegant.


  • Hair: Neat and clean. Men should trim beards or moustaches, and women should opt for a professional hairstyle, avoiding excessively flashy colours or styles.
  • Nails: Clean and neatly trimmed. If applying nail polish, choose neutral colours.
  • Makeup: (For those who wear it) Keep it minimal and professional.

Physical and Mental Well-being:

  • Sleep: Ensure you get a full 7-9 hours of sleep the night before, so you’re refreshed and alert.
  • Nutrition:
  • Day Before: Eat balanced meals and avoid excessive caffeine or alcohol.
  • Interview Day: Opt for a light, nutritious meal about an hour before the interview. This will ensure you have energy but aren’t too full.
  • Exercise: A light workout or a brisk walk the day before can help alleviate anxiety.
  • Mindfulness and Meditation: Techniques such as deep breathing can help calm nerves before the interview.

Interview Setup and Materials:

  • Location: Choose a quiet, well-lit room where you won’t be disturbed.
  • Tech Check: Ensure your computer, camera, and microphone work properly. Familiarize yourself with the software/platform being used.
  • Internet Connection: Check your connection’s stability. Wired connections are often more reliable than wireless.
  • Documentation: Make sure you have valid identity document for identity check.

Communication Skills:

  • Body Language: Even on camera, maintain good posture and make regular eye contact.
  • Active Listening: Listen carefully to questions and read the question on screen before answering and avoid interrupting.
  • Practice: Consider practicing answers to common interview questions or doing mock interviews, especially in an online setting.

Logistical Preparation:

  • Background: Ensure a tidy and professional-looking background. Avoid any personal items in view that you wouldn’t want shared.
  • Notifications: Mute all potential distractions, such as phone notifications or other computer alerts.
  • Time Management: Log in 5-10 minutes early to ensure everything works properly and to demonstrate punctuality.


Thank You Note: Consider sending a thank you email expressing gratitude for the opportunity to interview.

Reflection: Fill the feedback if they ask to do so.

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