Paediatrics Q19

Developmental Milestones

Age Group Gross Motor Development Milestones Limit Age for Milestone
New-born Limbs flexed, symmetrical pattern

Marked head lag on pulling up

6-8 weeks  Raises head to 45 degrees in prone (tummy-time)
6-8 months Sits without support (initially with a round back, then with a straight back by 8 months) 9 months
8-9 months Crawling
10 months Stands independently

Cruises around furniture

12 months Walks unsteadily- a broad gait, with hands apart 18 months
15 months Walks steadily
2.5 years Runs and jumps


Age Group Vision and Fine Motor Development Milestones Limit Age for Milestone
6 weeks Follows moving object or face by turning the head (fixing and following) 3 months
4 months Reaches out for toys 6 months
4-6 months Palmar grasp
7 months Transfers toys from one hand to another 9 months
10 months Mature pincer grip 12 months
16-18 months Makes marks with crayons
14 months-4 years Brick building

Tower of three – 18 months

Tower of six – 2 years

Tower of eight or a train with four bricks – 2.5 years

Bridge (from a model) – 3 years

Steps (after demonstration) – 4 years

2-5 years Pencil skills:

Line- 2 years,

Circle – 3 years,

Cross – 3.5 years,

Square – 4 years,

Triangle – 5 years

Drawing without seeing how it is done


Age Group Hearing, Speech, and Language Development Milestones
Newborn Startles to loud noises
3-4 months Vocalises alone or when spoken to, coos and laughs “aa, aa”
7 months Turns to soft sounds out of sight, polysyllabic babble (“babababa, la/a/ala/a”)
7-10 months Sounds used indiscriminately at 7 months; discriminately to parents at 10 months (“Dada, Mama”)
12 months Two to three words other than ‘Dada’ or ‘Mama’, understands name “Drink”
18 months 6-10 words; can show two parts of the body (“Where is your nose?”)
20-24 months Joins two or more words to make simple phrases (“Give me teddy”)
2.5-3 years Talks constantly in 3-4 word sentences; understands 2 joined commands (“Push me fast Daddy”)


Age Group Social, Emotional, and Behavioural Development Milestones Limit Age
6 weeks Smiles responsively 8 weeks
6-8 months Puts food in their mouth
10-12 months Waves bye-bye, plays peek-a-boo
12 months Drinks from a cup with two hands
18 months Holds spoon and gets food safely to mouth
18-24 months Symbolic play 2 – 2.5 years
2 years Toilet training: dry by day, Pulls off some clothing
2.5-3 years Parallel play, Interactive play evolving, Takes turns

Note: ‘Limit age’ denotes the age by which most children should have achieved that milestone; if they haven’t, it may be a point of concern that warrants further evaluation.

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