In medicine, focusing on the patient is crucial. It’s not just about following clinical guidelines, but also about including patients in decision-making. Let’s explore how focusing on patients plays out in different medical scenarios.

Understanding Patient Focus

In modern medicine, while technology and research are important, the patient’s needs, experiences, and preferences are at the core of healthcare. The Situational Judgement Test (SJT) emphasizes that doctors should be not only clinically skilled but also compassionate, empathetic, and cooperative.

  1. Choosing the Right Treatment Path

Scenario: Mr. Thompson, 65, with early-stage prostate cancer, faces a decision between two treatments. One has a higher success rate but severe side effects; the other is less risky but less effective.

How do you advise him?

  • Simply recommend the more effective treatment?
  • Discuss his concerns and explain both options so he can choose?

Clinical Insight: Patient focus means understanding Mr. Thompson’s personal situation and values. Helping him make an informed choice shows that his opinions and quality of life matter.

  1. Addressing a New Mother’s Vaccine Concerns

Scenario: A new mother is worried about vaccinating her child because of misinformation she found online.

How do you handle it?

  • Ignore her worries and insist on the importance of vaccines?
  • Listen to her concerns, offer trustworthy information, and discuss the benefits and risks of vaccination?

Clinical Insight: An empathetic and open approach can clear up misconceptions and build trust. Understanding her fears allows you to tailor your advice, helping her feel secure in her decisions.


  1. Managing Chronic Pain with Compassion

Scenario: Sarah, dealing with chronic pain, feels ignored as tests haven’t identified the problem. She’s losing hope.

What do you do next?

  • Just repeat the test results and say nothing more can be done?
  • Show understanding, learn more about her daily struggles, and look into different pain management options, including consulting other experts?

Clinical Insight: Chronic conditions without clear diagnostic results can frustrate patients. Showing you care and are willing to explore every option can make a big difference.

Conclusion: Understanding from the Patient’s Perspective

Doctors often get caught up in medical details and responsibilities. However, the most important aspect should always be the patient’s well-being and involvement in their treatment. Being able to see from the patient’s perspective and work with them on their healthcare journey turns medical care into a meaningful human interaction. How will you integrate a patient-focused approach in your practice?

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